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Falco - Einzelhaft (1982)

Falco - Einzelhaft (1982)

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Falco - Einzelhaft

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"Zuviel Hitze" (Too Much Heat) – 4:31

"Der Kommissar" (The Commissioner) – 3:51

"Siebzehn Jahr" (Seventeen Years) – 3:54

"Auf der Flucht" (loosely "On the Run") – 4:13

"Ganz Wien" – (All of Vienna) 5:06 (Falco)

"Maschine brennt" (Engine Burning) – 3:36

"Hinter uns die Sintflut" (After Us, the Deluge) – 3:16

"Nie mehr Schule" (No More School) – 4:36

"Helden von heute" (Heroes of Today) – 4:07 (Falco)

"Einzelhaft" – (Solitary Confinement) – 4:01

Einzelhaft (Solitary Confinement or Incarcerated!) (1982) is the debut album by Austrian singer Falco. It was released in Austria, Germany, the United States, Japan, Spain, Italy, Canada, Sweden and Finland.

The album achieved some success with its flagship single, "Der Kommissar", an innovative and influential German-language rap song. An English version of the song by After the Fire was a hit in 1983.

A promotional single, "Auf der Flucht (On the Run)", was released in the U.S. and France. In 1983 the single, "Maschine Brennt / On the Run", hit No. 9 on US Club Play Singles.

Other songs on Einzelhaft are heavily indebted to the "Berlin Trilogy" of David Bowie: "Nie mehr Schule" borrows its music from Bowie's instrumental track from Low called "Speed of Life", whereas "Helden von heute" is a transparent rewrite of Bowie's song, "Heroes".

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