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Falco - Emotional (1986)

Falco - Emotional (1986)

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Falco - Emotional

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"Emotional"- 4:52

"Kamikaze Cappa" - 5:10

"Crime Time" - 4:24

"Cowboyz and Indianz" - 5:46

"Coming Home (Jeanny Part II, One Year Later)" - 5:32

"The Star of Moon and Sun" - 5:19

"Les Nouveaux Riches" - 4:31

"The Sound of Musik" - 4:56

"The Kiss of Kathleen Turner" - 7:32

Emotional is the 4th studio album by the Austrian musician Falco released in 1986.

The album was produced in 1986. It was the second album by Bolland and Bolland. The first single was "The Sound of Musik". The song was quite successful also outside the German-speaking countries. The next single was "Coming Home (Jeanny Part II, One Year Later)", which reached the top of German charts. It was a sequel to the Falco song "Jeanny", about a young woman who had disappeared for one year and still was not found.

The album's cover, a still from the promotional video for the title track, is a homage to a similar backdrop used by Elvis Presley in his 1968 "comeback special."

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