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Frank Zappa - Jazz from Hell (1986)

Frank Zappa - Jazz from Hell (1986)

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Frank Zappa - Jazz from Hell
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Side one
1. "Night School"   4:47
2. "The Beltway Bandits"   3:25
3. "While You Were Art II"   7:17
4. "Jazz from Hell"   2:58

Side two
5. "G-Spot Tornado"   3:17
6. "Damp Ankles"   3:45
7. "St. Etienne"   6:26
8. "Massaggio Galore"   2:31

Frank Zappa Band Members / Musicians
Frank Zappa – lead guitar, Synclavier, keyboards, production
on "St. Etienne"
Steve Vai – rhythm guitar
Ray White – rhythm guitar
Tommy Mars – keyboards
Bobby Martin – keyboards
Scott Thunes – bass guitar
Chad Wackerman – drums
Ed Mann – percussion
Technical personnel
Greg Gorman – cover photo
Bob Rice – computer assistant
Bob Stone – engineering

Jazz from Hell is an instrumental album whose selections were all composed and recorded by American musician Frank Zappa. It was released on November 15, 1986 by Barking Pumpkin Records on vinyl and cassette, and in 1987 by Rykodisc on CD.

Jazz from Hell was Zappa's final studio album released in his lifetime; for the remaining seven years of his life, he would only release live concert albums, although the posthumous Civilization Phaze III was completed shortly before his death.

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