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Frank Zappa - Studio Tan (1978)

Frank Zappa - Studio Tan (1978)

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Frank Zappa - Studio Tan
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Side one
1. "Greggery Peccary" (Titled "The Adventures of Greggery Peccary" on CD)   20:40

Side two
1. "Let Me Take You to the Beach" (Titled "Lemme Take You to the Beach" on CD)   2:44
2. "Revised Music for Guitar & Low-Budget Orchestra"   7:36
3. "REDUNZL" (Titled "RDNZL" on CD)   8:12

Frank Zappa Band Members / Musicians
Frank Zappa – guitar (Tracks A1-B3); vocals (Tracks A1, B1); percussion (Track B2)
Davey Moire – vocals (Track B1)
George Duke – keyboards (Tracks A1, B2, B3)
Eddie Jobson – keyboards & yodeling (Track B1)
Tom Fowler – bass guitar (Tracks A1, B2)
Max Bennett – bass guitar (Tracks B1)
James "Bird Legs" Youman – bass guitar (Tracks B3)
Chester Thompson – drums (Tracks A1, B2, B3)
Paul Humphrey – drums (Track B1)
Don Brewer – bongos (Track B1)
Ruth Underwood – percussion & synthesizer (Track B3)
Michael Zearott – conductor (Track B2)
John Rotella – woodwind instruments (Track B2)
Mike Altschul – flute (Track B2)
Ray Reed – flute (Track B2)
Earle Dumler – oboe (Track B2)
Victor Morosco – saxophone (Track B2)
JoAnn Caldwell McNab – bassoon (Track B2)
Graham Young – trumpet (Track B2)
Jay Daversa – trumpet (Track B2)
Malcolm McNab – trumpet (Track B2)
Bruce Fowler – trombone (Tracks A1, B2)
Don Waldrop – trombone (Track B2)
Jock Ellis – trombone (Track B2)
Dana Hughes – bass trombone (Track B2)
Murray Adler – violin (Track B2)
Sheldon Sanov – violin (Track B2)
Pamela Goldsmith – viola (Track B2)
Jerry Kessler – cello (Track B2)
Edward Meares – upright bass (Track B2)
John Berkman – piano (Track B2)
Alan Estes – percussion (Track B2)
Emil Richards – percussion (Track B2)
Mike D. Stone of the Record Plant – engineer

Studio Tan is the 24th album by American musician Frank Zappa, first released in September 1978 on his own DiscReet Records label. It reached #147 on the Billboard 200 albums chart in the United States.

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