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Frank Zappa - The Yellow Shark (with Ensemble Modern) (1993)

Frank Zappa - The Yellow Shark (with Ensemble Modern) (1993)

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Frank Zappa - The Yellow Shark (with Ensemble Modern)

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1. "Intro"   1:43

2. "Dog Breath Variations"   2:07

3. "Uncle Meat"   3:24

4. "Outrage at Valdez"   3:27

5. "Times Beach II"   7:31

6. "III Revised"   1:45

7. "The Girl in the Magnesium Dress"   4:33

8. "Be-Bop Tango"   3:43

9. "Ruth Is Sleeping"   5:56

10. "None of the Above"   2:17

11. "Pentagon Afternoon"   2:28

12. "Questi Cazzi Di Piccione"   3:03

13. "Times Beach III"   4:26

14. "Food Gathering in Post-Industrial America, 1992"   2:52

15. "Welcome to the United States"   6:39

16. "Pound for a Brown"   2:12

17. "Exercise #4"   1:37

18. "Get Whitey"   7:00

19. "G-Spot Tornado"   5:17


Frank Zappa Band Members / Musicians

Frank Zappa – conductor, producer, performer

Peter Rundel – conductor, violin

Dietmar Wiesner – flute

Catherine Milliken – oboe, english horn, bass oboe,[9] didjeridu

Roland Diry – clarinet

Wolfgang Stryi – bass clarinet, tenor saxophone, contrabass clarinet

Veit Scholz – bassoon, contrabassoon

Franck Ollu, Stefan Dohr – french horn

William Formann, Michael Gross – cornet, flugelhorn, piccolo trumpet, trumpet

Uwe Dierksen – trombone, soprano trombone

Michael Svoboda – trombone, euphonium, didjeridu, alphorn

Daryl Smith – tuba

Hermann Kretzschmar – celeste, harpsichord, voices, piano

Ueli Wiget – celeste, harpsichord, harp, piano

Rumi Ogawa-Helferich – cymbalom, percussion

Andreas Böttger – percussion

Detlef Tewes – mandolin

Jürgen Ruck – banjo, guitar

Ellen Wegner – harp

Mathias Tacke, Claudia Sack – violin

Hilary Sturt – violin, voices

Friedemann Dähn – violoncello

Thomas Fichter – contrabass, Fichter electric upright bass

Ensemble Modern – main performer

Todd Yvega – synclavier assistance

Spencer Chrislu – engineer, mixing

Harry Andronis – engineer

Brian Johnson – art direction, design

Hans Jörg Michel – photography

Henning Lobner – photography

Dave Dondorf – engineer, coordination

Jesse Di Franco – art direction, design

Mark Beam – Yellow Shark Sculpture

Ali N. Askin – arranger

Fritz Brinckmann – photography

Rip Rense – liner notes booklet

The Yellow Shark is an album of orchestral music by American musician Frank Zappa. Released in November 1993, it was the last Zappa album to appear in his lifetime, almost exactly a month before he died of the cancer from which he had suffered for several years. It features live recordings from the Ensemble Modern's 1992 performances of Zappa's compositions. In the album's notes, Zappa describes The Yellow Shark as one of the most fulfilling projects of his career, and as the best representation of his orchestral works.

Singer Tom Waits has listed it as one of his favourite albums, commenting: "The ensemble is awe-inspiring. It is a rich pageant of texture in colour. It's the clarity of his perfect madness, and mastery. Frank governs with Elmore James on his left and Stravinsky on his right. Frank reigns and rules with the strangest tools."

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