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Jeff Beck (as the Jeff Beck Group) - Jeff Beck Group (1972)

Jeff Beck - Jeff Beck Group (1972) (by the Jeff Beck Group)

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Jeff Beck - Jeff Beck Group (1972) (by the Jeff Beck Group)

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Side one

1. "Ice Cream Cakes"   5:40

2. "Glad All Over"   2:58

3. "Tonight I'll Be Staying Here with You"   4:59

4. "Sugar Cane"   4:07

5. "I Can't Give Back the Love I Feel for You"   2:42

Side two

6. "Going Down"   6:51

7. "I Got to Have a Song"   3:26

8. "Highways"   4:41

9. "Definitely Maybe"   5:02

Total length:   40:29

Jeff Beck Band Members / Musicians

Bobby Tench – vocals

Jeff Beck – guitar

Max Middleton – keyboards

Clive Chaman – bass guitar

Cozy Powell – drums

Jeff Beck Group is the 4th and final studio album by the Jeff Beck Group and the second album with the line up of Jeff Beck, Bobby Tench, Clive Chaman, Max Middleton and Cozy Powell. The album was produced by Steve Cropper and often referred to as the Orange Album, because of the orange which appears prominently at the top of the front cover.

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