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Jimmy Buffett - High Cumberland Jubilee (1976)

Jimmy Buffett - High Cumberland Jubilee (1976)

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Jimmy Buffett - High Cumberland Jubilee
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Side A
"Ace" (Jimmy Buffett)   3:15
"Rockefeller Square" (Jimmy Buffett, Buzz Cason)   2:19
"Bend a Little" (Jimmy Buffett, Buzz Cason)   2:59
"In the Shelter" (Jimmy Buffett)   3:36
"Death Valley Lives" (Jimmy Buffett)   3:40
"Livingston's Gone to Texas" (Jimmy Buffett)   3:49

Side B
"England" (Jimmy Buffett, Buzz Cason)   2:54
"Travelin' Clean" (Jimmy Buffett, Lanny Fiel)   3:07
"The Hangout Gang" (Jimmy Buffett, Buzz Cason)   3:40
"God Don't Own a Car" (Jimmy Buffett, Buzz Cason)   2:58
"High Cumberland Jubilee/Comin' Down Slow" (Jimmy Buffett, Buzz Cason)   5:09

Jimmy Buffett Band Members / Musicians
Jimmy Buffett – vocals, background vocals
Lanny Fiel – guitar
Rick Fiel – bass guitar
Paul Tabet – drums
Bergen White – trombone
Bobby Thompson – banjo
Randy Goodrum – keyboards
Buzz Cason – keyboards, background vocals
Don Kloetzke – background vocals on "Death Valley Lives"

High Cumberland Jubilee is the 2nd studio album by American popular-music singer and songwriter Jimmy Buffett. It was produced by Travis Turk, recorded in 1971, and initially released in 1976 on Andy Williams's small Barnaby Records label. It was his final album with Barnaby just before his signing with Dunhill and the recording of his 1973 breakout album, A White Sport Coat and a Pink Crustacean. Following the lackluster sales of Down to Earth, Barnaby Records claimed that the masters to High Cumberland Jubilee were lost. The masters were finally found and the album was released in 1976 after Buffett's popularity had risen, but the album is still sometimes referred to as Buffett's "lost album". Songs recorded for High Cumberland Jubilee were included on various compilations until the album was issued in its entirety on compact disc by Varèse Sarabande in June 1998.

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