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Linda Ronstadt - Mas Canciones (1991)

Linda Ronstadt - Mas Canciones (1991)

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Linda Ronstadt - Mas Canciones

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1. "Tata Dios" (Father God)   4:19

2. "El Toro Relajo" (The Partying Bull)   2:32

3. "Mi Ranchito" (My Little Ranch)   3:33

4. "La Mariquita" (The Ladybug)   2:59

5. "Grítenme Piedras del Campo" (Scream to Me Stones in the Field)   3:27

6. "Siempre Hace Frío" (It's Always Cold)   3:18

7. "El Crucifijo de Piedra" (The Crucifix of Stone)   3:16

8. "Palomita de Ojos Negros" (A Little White Dove With Black Eyes)   3:30

9. "Pena de los Amores" (Love Sorrows)   4:00

10. "El Camino" (The Road)   3:29

11. "El Gustito" (The Taste)   2:36

12. "El Sueño" (The Dream)   3:41

Total length:   40:40

Linda Ronstadt Musicians

Linda Ronstadt – vocals

Pete Ronstadt – vocals

Michael J. Ronstadt – vocals

Leonel Gálvez – guitar

Gilberto Puente – guitar

Pedro García – violin

Flaco Jiménez – accordion

Angela Koregelos – flute

Martin Lara – trumpet

Juan José Almaguer – choir, chorus, violin

Jesús Guzmán – choir, chorus, violin

Santiago Maldonado – choir, chorus, harp

José Martínez – choir, chorus

Rafael Palomar – choir, chorus, guitar

Juan Morales – choir, chorus

Nati Cano – violin

Víctor "El Pato" Cárdenas – vihuela

José Martínez, Jr. – violin

Katie McElrath – flute

Mario Rodríguez – violin

Federico Torres – trumpet

George Massenburg – producer, engineer, mixing

Rubén Fuentes – producer, arranger, conductor

Doug Sax – mastering

Alan Yoshida – mastering

Nathaniel Kunkel – engineer

Kevin Scott – assistant engineer

Craig Silvey – assistant engineer

M.T. Silvia – assistant engineer

John Kosh – art direction, design

Gilbert Ronstadt – artwork, painting

Rossy Corsly – translation

Mercedes Dalton – translation

Linda Ronstadt – translation

William Coupon – photography

Mas Canciones (correct form: Más canciones Spanish for "more songs") is an album by American singer/songwriter/producer Linda Ronstadt, released in late 1991.

A significant hit in the U.S. for a non-English language album, it peaked at number 88 on the Billboard album chart, and reached number 16 on the Top Latin Albums chart. The single "Grítenme Piedras del Campo" peaked at number 15 on the Hot Latin Tracks chart.

In 2016, this album was reissued on the Rhino label after several years out of print.

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