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Tangerine Dream - Zeit (1972)

Tangerine Dream - Zeit (1972)

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Tangerine Dream - Zeit

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Side A

1. "Birth of Liquid Plejades"   19:54

Side B

1. "Nebulous Dawn"   17:56

Side C

1. "Origin of Supernatural Probabilities"   19:34

Side D

1. "Zeit"   16:58

Total length:   74:22


Tangerine Dream Band Members / Musicians

Edgar Froese – audio generators, gliss guitar

Christopher Franke – keyboards, cymbals, VCS3 analog synthesizer

Peter Baumann – organ, vibraphone, VCS3 analog synthesizer

Steve Schroyder – Organ outro on "Birth of Liquid Plejades"

Florian Fricke – Moog synthesizer on "Birth of Liquid Plejades"

The Cologne Cello Quartet — Cello intro on "Birth of Liquid Plejades"

Christian Vallbracht

Joachim von Grumbkow; credited as Jochen von Grumbcow; co-founder of Hoelderlin

Hans Joachim Brüne

Johannes Lücke

Album Credits

Dieter Dierks – recording engineer

Edgar Froese – cover art

Monique Froese – cover and sleeve photography

Zeit (English: Time) is the 3rd major release and third studio album by German electronic music group Tangerine Dream. A double LP, it was released in August 1972, being the first release featuring Peter Baumann, who joined then-current members Christopher Franke and Edgar Froese. Zeit is subtitled Largo in Four Movements.

The style of this album is slower and more atmospheric than their previous albums. AllMusic wrote, "TD's purest expression of 'space music', this double album ebbs and flows effortlessly from one tone cluster to another. Almost classical in construction, the music is structured so as to evolve in sections as one theme literally melts into the next." Music critics often refer to Zeit as being one of the first (or perhaps the first) examples of dark ambient music.

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