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The Rubettes - Baby I Know (1977)

The Rubettes - Baby I Know (1977)

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The Rubettes - Baby I Know

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Side 1

"Summertime Rock'n'Roll" (John Richardson, Alan Williams) - 3:02

"Baby I Know" (John Richardson, Alan Williams) - 4:18

"I'm In Love With You" (Mick Clarke) - 4:25

"Ooh La La" (John Richardson, Alan Williams) - 3:35

"Ladies Of Laredo" (John Richardson, Alan Williams, Mick Clarke, Tony Thorpe) - 5:38

Side 2

"Rock'n'Roll Lady" (John Richardson, Alan Williams) - 2:58

"Allez Oop" (John Richardson, Alan Williams) - 3:10

"I Wanna Be Loved" (John Richardson, Alan Williams) - 4:13

"Under One Roof" (John Richardson, Alan Williams) - 4:28

"Rock'n'Roll Queen" (D Branch, Peter Richardson) - 2:46

The Rubettes Band Members / Musicians

Mick Clarke

John Richardson

Tony Thorpe

Alan Williams

Baby I Know is the 5th studio album by the English band The Rubettes. It was released on the State Records label in April 1977.

The album contained five singles, three UK and two non-UK, including the band's two last charting UK singles - "Under One Roof" and "Baby I Know".

In 1992, Dice Records (France) released the Rubettes' fifth and sixth albums (Baby I Know and Sometime In Oldchurch) as a double CD set. In 2015, Caroline Records released the album Baby I Know, with three bonus tracks, as part of a box CD set of the Rubettes' first five studio albums.

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