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The Rubettes - Rubettes (1975)

The Rubettes - Rubettes (1975)

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The Rubettes - Rubettes

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Side 1

"Judy Run Run" (Wayne Bickerton, Tony Waddington) - 3:04

"Little Darling" (Wayne Bickerton, Tony Waddington) - 3:20

"My Buddy Holly Days" (John Richardson, Alan Williams) - 3:15

"Put A Back Beat To That Music" (Wayne Bickerton, Tony Waddington) - 3:39

"It's Better That Way" (John Richardson, Alan Williams) - 3:49

"Play The Game" (Bill Hurd) - 2:59

Side 2

"Foe-Dee-O-Dee" (Wayne Bickerton, Tony Waddington) - 3:01

"I'm Just Dreaming" (Wayne Bickerton, Tony Waddington) - 3:06

"Out In The Cold" (Bill Hurd) - 3:22

"Miss Goodie Two Shoes" (John Richardson, Alan Williams) - 3:41

"When You're Around" (Mick Clarke) - 4:13

"Dark Side Of The World" (Wayne Bickerton, Tony Waddington) - 4:03

2015 CD bonus tracks

13. "With You" (John Richardson, Alan Williams) - 2:16

14. "I Still Love You" (John Richardson, Alan Williams) - 4:02

15. "Love Bonds" (Richardson & Richardson) - 3:18

The Rubettes Band Members / Musicians

Mick Clarke

Tony Thorpe

John Richardson

Bill Hurd

Alan Williams

Rubettes is the 3rd studio album by the English pop band The Rubettes, released on the State Records label in November 1975, their third studio album release within 12 months. It was the last Rubettes album produced by Wayne Bickerton and Tony Waddington.The album contained two UK top 40 hits - Foe Dee O Dee and Little Darling.

In 1992, Dice Records (France) released the Rubettes' third and fourth albums (Rubettes and Sign Of The Times) as a double CD set. In 2015, Caroline Records released the album Rubettes, with three bonus tracks, as part of a box CD set of the Rubettes' first five studio albums.

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