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Thornley - Come Again (2004)

Thornley - Come Again (2004)

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Thornley - Come Again

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1. "Falling to Pieces"   3:21

2. "Come Again"   3:48

3. "So Far So Good"   3:21

4. "The Going Rate (My Fix)"   3:46

5. "Keep a Good Man Down"   3:40

6. "Easy Comes"   3:33

7. "Beautiful"   4:26

8. "Bright Side"   3:16

9. "Clever"   3:16

10. "Found Another Way"   3:08

11. "All Comes Out in the Wash"   3:42

12. "The Lies That I Believe"   6:01

Come Again is the debut studio album by Canadian rock band Thornley. This followed the 2002 breakup of frontman Ian Thornley's previous group, Big Wreck. Singles off the album include "So Far So Good", "Come Again", "Easy Comes", and "Beautiful". All of which found considerable radio airplay upon release.

Thornley was a Canadian post-grunge and hard rock band formed by Ian Thornley in 2002. The band was started when Thornley returned to Toronto after the break-up of his earlier band, Big Wreck. With the help of Chad Kroeger of Nickelback, Thornley signed to Kroeger's 604 Records. The last line-up of the band as Thornley had Paulo Neta (guitar), Dave McMillan (bass guitar), Christopher Henry (drums) and the former member of Big Wreck Brian Doherty (guitar). As of 2010, this line-up plays under the name Big Wreck.

Thornley Band Members / Musicians

Ian Thornley - vocals, lead guitar (2002–2011)

Paulo Neta - rhythm guitar (2009–2011) also in Black Rail; formerly of My Darkest Days and Hurst

Brian Doherty - rhythm guitar (2010–2011)

Dave McMillian - bass guitar (2010–2011)

Brad Park - drums (2011)

Ken Tizzard - bass guitar (2002–2005,2011) in The Watchmen

Christopher Henry - drums (2010–2011)

Sekou Lumumba - drums (2002–2005) now in Heavy Young Heathens and Ben Kenney's band; formerly of Edwin & the Pressure and Goodbye Glory

Liam Killeen - drums (2006)

Tavis Stanley - guitar (2005–2009) now in Art of Dying

Cale Gontier - bass guitar (2005–2010) also in Art of Dying and Saint Asonia; former guitar technician for Three Days Grace

Patrick Benti - rhythm guitar (2009)

Thornley Discography Full

Come Again (2004)

Tiny Pictures (2009)

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