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Vasilis Papakonstantinou - Vasilis Papakonstantinou (1978)

Vasilis Papakonstantinou - Vasilis Papakonstantinou (1978)

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Vasilis Papakonstantinou - Vasilis Papakonstantinou

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1. Με το Bob Dylan (Me ton Bob Dylan) 3:29

2. Τώρα τώρα (Tora tora) 3:53

3. Σακατεμένα τα τραγούδια (Sakatamena ta tragoudia) 2:12

4. Επαρχία 1978 (Eparhia 1978) 3:55

5. Βαρέθηκα τα χωρατά (Varethika ta horata) 2:37

6. Στο παζάρι του ληστή (Sto pazari tou listi) 3:13

7. Όλα τα 'χει ο μπαξές (Ola ta 'hei o mpakses) 3:00

8. Στο Διονύση (Sto Dionisi) 3:30

9. Θα 'ρθουν στιγμές (Tha 'rthoun stigmes) 2:39

10. Τα πουλιά της δυστυχίας (Ta poulia tis distihias) 3:33

11. Πάλι βρέχει (Pali vrehei) 3:12

12. Φεύγουν καράβια (Fevgoun ta karavia) 2:40

13. Αυτούς τους έχω βαρεθεί (Aftous tous eho varethei) 3:32

Album Credits

Record Company – Μίνως Μάτσας & Υιός Α.Ε.

Made By – Fabelsound

Phonographic Copyright (p) – Minos Matsas & Son Co. Ltd

Recorded At – Action Studio, Athens

Vasilis Papakonstantinou is the eponymous debut album from Vasilis Papakonstantinou. It was recorded after his return from touring abroad as a singer for Mikis Theodorakis's tour. Most of the songs for the album are originals written by singer-songwriter Antonis Vardis (who also contributed most of the guitar work in the album) with lyrics by Panos Falaras. The album also includes the first attempt as a songwriter by the popular singer Haris Alexiou. The remaining songs are covers: two by Catalan singer-songwriter Lluis Llach with Greek lyrics by Falaras, a song by singer-songwriter Dionysis Savvopoulos (originally from his 1966 debut album To fortigo), a Thanos Mikroutsikos song (originally from his 1975 Politika tragoudia debut album), and a Mikis Theodorakis song (from his Arcadia II song cycle written in 1969 during his house arrest and first recorded for his 1974 New songs album).

The arrangements for the songs were by Kostas Ganoselis, who also plays keyboards on this album. Ganoselis worked with Papakonstantinou on three more albums in the first half of the 1980s.

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