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Apocalypse - Refúgio (2003)

Apocalypse - Refúgio (2003)

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Apocalypse - Refúgio

1. Refúgio

2. Cachoeira das Águas Douradas

3. Viagem no Tempo

4. América do Sul

5. Toccata

6. Amazônia

7. ProgJazz

8. Liberdade

9. Lembranças Eternas

10. III Milênio

11. Último Horizonte (bonus track(

12. Terra Azul (bonus track)

Apocalypse Band Members / Musicians

Eloy Fritsch: Electronic keyboards, Organ, Minimoog, vocals

Ruy Fritsch: Electric and acoustic guitars, vocals

Chico Fasoli: Drums, percussion, vocals

Chico Casara: Lead Vocal, Bass guitar

Refúgio is the 5th studio album by Brazilian rock band Apocalypse released in 2003 and the second under Rock Symphony Record Company. Musically, Refúgio features symphonic rock with complex arrangements for keyboards, including organ, piano, digital synthesizer, analog minimoog synthesizer, drums and electric guitar. Refúgio album contains some fan favorites such as the album’s title track and the two progressive epics Cachoeira das Águas Douradas ( Waterfall of Golden Waters) and América do Sul (South America). The band included two bonus tracks from the USA Live recordings Último Horizonte and Terra Azul. The album was to be the last recordings with the band's original lineup.

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