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Bryan Adams - You Want It You Got It (1981)

Bryan Adams - You Want It You Got It (1981)

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Bryan Adams - You Want It You Got It

Side one

1. "Lonely Nights"   3:46

2. "One Good Reason"   4:22

3. "Don't Look Now"   3:06

4. "Coming Home"   3:34

5. "Fits Ya Good"   4:35

Side two

6. "Jealousy" (Adams, Lindsay Mitchell)   3:49

7. "Tonight"   4:58

8. "You Want It, You Got It" (Adams)   3:49

9. "Last Chance" (Adams)   3:17

10. "No One Makes It Right" (Adams)   3:17

11. "Fits Ya Good" (From Live at the Budokan)   3:55

Bryan Adams Band Members / Musicians

Bryan Adams – guitar, piano, vocals, producer

Mickey Curry – drums

Jamie Glaser, G. E. Smith – guitar

Tommy Mandel – keyboards, Hammond organ, synthesizer

Jimmy Maelen – percussion

Brian Stanley – bass guitar

Jonathan Gerber – saxophone

Cindy Bullens – background vocals

Bob Clearmountain – producer, mixing, engineer

Bob Ludwig – mastering

You Want It, You Got It is the 2nd studio album by Canadian singer-songwriter Bryan Adams, released on 21 July 1981 by A&M Records. This was the album that established the sound that Adams has retained throughout his recording career. Unlike the debut album where Adams and Vallance played most of the instruments themselves, You Want It You Got It was recorded live in the studio. It was recorded at Le Studio Morin Heights, Quebec over a two-week period during the spring of 1981 and was mixed in New York City. The album was originally to be titled "Bryan Adams Hasn't Heard Of You Either" (due to critics' indifference to his first album and singles) but Adams' sense of humour didn't make it past the gatekeepers at the record company, who opted for the safer title.

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