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Circus Maximus - Nine (2012)

Circus Maximus - Nine (2012)

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Circus Maximus - Nine

"Forging" (Mats Haugen) - 1:16

"Architect of Fortune" (Mats Haugen, Truls Haugen) - 10:12

"Namaste" (Lasse Finbråten, Mats Haugen, Truls Haugen, Glen Møllen) - 4:02

"Game of Life" (Michael Eriksen, Mats Haugen) - 5:01

"Reach Within" (Michael Eriksen, Mats Haugen) - 4:59

"I Am" (Michael Eriksen, Mats Haugen, Glen Møllen) - 4:20

"Used" (Mats Haugen, Truls Haugen) - 4:52

"The One" (Michael Eriksen, Mats Haugen) - 4:00

"Burn After Reading" (Mats Haugen, Glen Møllen) - 8:48

"Last Goodbye" (Michael Eriksen, Lasse Finbråten, Mats Haugen) - 9:59

Circus Maximus Band Members / Musicians
Mike Eriksen − vocals
Mats Haugen − guitar
Glen Cato Møllen − bass
Truls Haugen − drums, screaming (on "Namaste")
Lasse Finbråten − keyboards

Nine is the 3rd full-length studio album by the Norwegian progressive metal band Circus Maximus. The album was released on June 1, 2012.

The album is being described as more melodic and dynamic than the previous album. The album is also more guitar-oriented. "The majority of the material on the new record was written by Mats Haugen and he has taken the music to a kind of simpler and more accessible approach, yet kept the progressive elements and the "nerve" that is Circus Maximus" says Truls Haugen. Circus Maximus will appear live in some selected shows in the summer before launching a full-scale tour in support of the new album. 

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