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Dinosaur Jr. - Dinosaur (1985)

Dinosaur Jr. - Dinosaur (1985)

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Dinosaur Jr. - Dinosaur

1. "Forget the Swan"   5:09

2. "Cats in a Bowl"   3:35

3. "The Leper"   4:04

4. "Does It Float"   3:18

5. "Pointless"   2:46

6. "Repulsion"   3:04

7. "Gargoyle"   2:11

8. "Severed Lips"   4:02

9. "Mountain Man"   3:28

10. "Quest"   4:27

11. "Bulbs of Passion"   4:13

Total length:   40:25


Dinosaur Jr. Band Members / Musicians

J Mascis - vocals, guitar, percussion

Lou Barlow - bass, vocals, synthesizer

Murph - drums, vocals, synthesizer

Chris Dixon and Glen - engineering

Jason Talerman - photography

Maura Jasper - cover art

Lou Barlow - back cover art

Dinosaur is the debut studio album by the alternative rock band Dinosaur Jr. It was released in 1985 on Homestead Records. The album exhibits a folkier side of the band than on future releases[citation needed], but some of the tracks on the album showed off a much heavier, more hardcore punk-based side to the band in songs such as "Does it Float," "Mountain Man," and "Bulbs of Passion."

Dinosaur Jr. is an American rock band formed in Amherst, Massachusetts, in 1984, originally simply called Dinosaur until legal issues forced a change in name.

The band was founded by J Mascis (guitar, vocals, primary songwriter), Lou Barlow (bass, vocals), and Murph (drums). After three albums on independent labels, the band earned a reputation as one of the formative influences on American alternative rock. Creative tension led to Mascis firing Barlow, who later formed Sebadoh and Folk Implosion. His replacement, Mike Johnson, came aboard for three major-label albums. Murph eventually quit, with Mascis taking over drum duties on the band's albums before the group disbanded in 1997. The original lineup reformed in 2005, releasing five albums thereafter.

Dinosaur Jr. Band Members / Musicians

J Mascis – lead vocals, guitars, keyboards (1984–1997, 2005–present); drums (studio, 1991, 1994–1997)

Lou Barlow – bass, backing and lead vocals (1984–1989, 2005–present)

Murph – drums (1984–1993, 2005–present)

Mike Johnson – bass, backing vocals (1991–1997)

George Berz – drums (live, 1993–1997)

Dinosaur Jr. Discography Full

Dinosaur (1985)

You're Living All Over Me (1987)

Bug (1988)

Green Mind (1991)

Where You Been (1993)

Without a Sound (1994)

Hand It Over (1997)

Beyond (2007)

Farm (2009)

I Bet on Sky (2012)

Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not (2016)

Sweep It Into Space (2021)

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