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Fairport Convention - 50:50@50 (2017)

Fairport Convention - 50:50@50 (2017)

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Fairport Convention - 50:50@50

"Eleanor's Dream" (Chris Leslie)

"Ye Mariners All" (Live) (Traditional; arranged by Fairport Convention)

"Step by Step" (Chris Leslie)

"The Naked Highwayman" (Live) (Steve Tilston)

"Danny Jack's Reward" (Ric Sanders)

"Jesus on the Mainline" (Live) (featuring Robert Plant) (Traditional; arranged by Fairport Convention)

"Devil's Work" (Chris Leslie)

"Mercy Bay" (Live) (Chris Leslie)

"Our Bus Rolls On" (Chris Leslie)

"Portmeirion" (Live) (Ric Sanders)

"The Lady of Carlisle" (featuring Jacqui McShee) (Traditional; arranged by Fairport Convention)

"Lord Marlborough" (Live) (Traditional; arranged by Fairport Convention)

"Summer by the Cherwell" (PJ Wright)

"John Condon" (Live) (Richard Laird / Sam Starrett / Tracey McRory)


Fairport Convention Band Members / Musicians

Simon Nicol – vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar

Dave Pegg – vocals, bass guitar, double bass

Chris Leslie – vocals, mandolin, bouzouki, violin, banjo, ukulele, chromatic harmonica, whistle

Ric Sanders – violin, keyboards

Gerry Conway – drums, percussion

Robert Plant – vocals and harmonica on "Jesus on the Mainline"

Jacqui McShee – vocals on "The Lady of Carlisle"

Joe Broughton – violin on "Danny Jack's Reward"

Paloma Trigas – violin on "Danny Jack's Reward"

Aria Trigas – violin on "Danny Jack's Reward"

Natasha Davies – flute on "Danny Jack's Reward"

Arjun Jethwa – flute on "Danny Jack's Reward"

Rose Rutherford – clarinet on "Danny Jack's Reward"

Rob Spalton – trumpet on "Danny Jack's Reward"

Jake Thornton – alto and tenor saxophone on "Danny Jack's Reward"

50:50@50 is the 28th studio album by British folk rock band Fairport Convention, released in January 2017 to mark the band's 50th anniversary. Half of the album was recorded in the studio, and the other half is a selection of songs recorded from live performances.

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