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Fairport Convention - Old New Borrowed Blue (1996)

Fairport Convention - Old New Borrowed Blue (1996)

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Fairport Convention - Old New Borrowed Blue

"Woodworm Swing" (Ric Sanders) - 3:08

"Men" (Loudon Wainwright III) - 3:45

"Aunt Sally Shuffle" (Dave Pegg) - 1:22

"There Once Was Love" (Paul Metsers) / Innstück (Maartin Allcock) - 4:45

"Frozen Man" (James Taylor) - 4:20

"Mr Sands Is in the Building" (Maartin Allcock) - 2:06

"Lalla Rookh" (Words: Chris Leslie; Music: Maartin Allcock) - 4:27

Live tracks

"Foolish You" (Wade Hemsworth) - 3:34

"Crazy Man Michael" (Richard Thompson, Dave Swarbrick) - 5:09

"The Widow of Westmorland's Daughter" (Traditional; arrangement by Fairport Convention) - 4:05

"Genesis Hall" (Richard Thompson) - 4:13

"The Deserter" (John Richards) - 5:43

"The Swimming Song" (Loudon Wainwright III) - 3:24

"Struck It Right" (Huw Williams) - 4:26

"The Hiring Fair" (Ralph McTell, Dave Mattacks) - 6:07

"Matty Groves"/"Dirty Linen" (Traditional; arranged by Fairport Convention) - 10:06

Fairport Convention Band Members / Musicians

Simon Nicol - vocals, acoustic guitar

Ric Sanders - violin

Dave Pegg - acoustic bass guitar, mandolin, backing vocals

Maartin Allcock - acoustic guitars, bouzar, accordion, mandocello, bodhran, backing vocals

Old New Borrowed Blue is the 19th studio album by folk rock band Fairport Convention, although for this release, they were billed as "Fairport Acoustic Convention" as it was the band's first all-acoustic album in 29 years. Part studio, part live, it was recorded to publicise a tour of the United States and consisted of cover versions, new songs and classic tracks dating back to the band's early career. Dave Mattacks, who had provided drums and electronic instrumentation for previous albums, was absent.

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