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Golden Earring - The Hole (1986)

Golden Earring - The Hole (1986)

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Golden Earring - The Hole

Side one

"They Dance" - 5:10

"Quiet Eyes" - 4:03

"Save the Best for Later" - 5:14

"Have a Heart" - 3:59

"Love in Motion" - 3:44

Side two

"Jane Jane" - 4:54

"Jump and Run" (George Kooymans) - 5:52

"Why Do I" - 4:44

"A Shout in the Dark" - 5:33

Golden Earring Band Members / Musicians

George Kooymans - guitar, vocals

Rinus Gerritsen - bass guitar, keyboards

Barry Hay - vocals

Cesar Zuiderwijk - drums

Robert Jan Stips - keyboards

Lisa Boray - backing vocals

Loa Boray - backing vocals

Wim Both - trumpet

Dionys Breukers - keyboards

Piet Dolder - trombone

Peter Kuyt - trumpet

Julya Lo'Ko - backing vocals

Patty Paff - backing vocals

Rudi Van Dijk - saxophone

The Hole is the 18th studio album by the Dutch hard rock band Golden Earring, released in 1986. The band gave a free promotion concert in support of the album on the beach of Scheveningen for an audience of 185,000. Anton Corbijn made a video clip for the single "Quiet Eyes". It was made in the same black and white style as the photographs he made for the inner sleeve of the album.

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