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Little River Band - Diamantina Cocktail (1977)

Little River Band - Diamantina Cocktail (1977)

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Little River Band - Diamantina Cocktail

"Help Is on Its Way" (Glenn Shorrock) - 4:06
"The Drifter" (Graham Goble) - 3:53
"L.A. in the Sunshine" (David Briggs, Shorrock) - 3:07
"The Inner Light" (Goble) - 3:31
"Witchery" (Beeb Birtles) - 2:48
"Home on Monday" (Birtles, Shorrock) - 3:53
"Happy Anniversary" (Birtles, Briggs) - 4:04
"Raelene, Raelene" (Birtles) - 4:27
"Changed and Different" (Goble) - 4:02
"Days on the Road" (version 2) (Goble) - 5:24 (bonus track on 2010 remaster)
"Take Me Home" (version 2) (Birtles) - 5:08 (bonus track on 2010 remaster)

Little River Band Members / Musicians
Glenn Shorrock: lead vocals, piano
Graham Goble: guitars, vocals
Beeb Birtles: guitars, vocals
David Briggs: guitars
George McArdle: bass guitar
Derek Pellicci: drums, percussion
Ric Formosa: guitar (2, 4, 5 on international version)
Roger McLachlan: bass (4, 8)
Eddy Denton: cor anglais
Peter Sullivan: piano
Ian Mason: piano
Tony Buchanan: saxophones
Graeme Lyall: flute

Diamantina Cocktail is the 3rd studio album by the Australian rock group Little River Band. The U.S. version of the album was actually a partial compilation of the Australian versions of After Hours and Diamantina Cocktail. Also noteworthy was that three songs--"Broke Again", "The Inner Light" and "Another Runway"—were radically different mixes from those released on the original Australian After Hours LP, remixed especially for the US market. In 1980 Capitol Records released the remaining tracks on a U.S. version of After Hours.

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