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Little River Band - The Net (1983)

Little River Band - The Net (1983)

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Little River Band - The Net

"You're Driving Me Out of My Mind" (B. Birtles, G. Goble) - 5:11

"We Two" (G. Goble) - 4:32

"No More Tears" (B. Birtles) - 3:20

"Mr. Socialite" (B. Birtles) - 5:24

"Down On The Border" (G. Goble) - 2:56

"The Danger Sign" (B. Birtles, F. Howson) - 4:02

"Falling" (Housden, Wakeford) - 4:19

"Sleepless Nights" (G. Goble) - 5:10

"Easy Money" (G. Goble) - 4:02

"The Net" (G. Goble) - 4:42

"One Day" (G. Goble) - 2:38 (not on original vinyl recording, appeared on 1997 CD reissue)

Little River Band Members / Musicians

John Farnham - vocals

Beeb Birtles - guitars, vocals

Graham Goble - guitars, vocals

David Hirschfelder – keyboards, synthesizers

Stephen Housden - guitar, vocals

Wayne Nelson - bass guitar, vocals

Derek Pellicci - drums, percussion

Jon Clarke – saxophones, horns

The Net is the 7th studio album by Little River Band, which was released in May 1983. It marks what has become historically the major crossroad in the band's musical direction. There stand several significant factors surrounding this record – it contained the band's last two singles to reach the Top 40 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States, with "We Two" reaching No. 22 and "You're Driving Me out of My Mind" peaking at No. 35. It also contained the song "Down on the Border" which had been released previously on their 1982 "Greatest Hits" album. The album peaked at No. 11 on the Australian Kent Music Report albums chart and No. 61 on the Billboard 200.

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