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Magma - 1001° Centigrades (1971)

Magma - 1001° Centigrades (1971)

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Magma - 1001° Centigrades

Side one

Rïah Sahïltaahk (Christian Vander) – 21:45

Side two

"Iss" Lanseï Doïa (Teddy Lasry) – 11:46

Ki Ïahl Ö Lïahk (François Cahen) – 8:23

Magma Band Members / Musicians

Klaus Blasquiz – vocals, percussion

Teddy Lasry – clarinet, saxophone, flute, voice

Yochk'o "Jeff" Seffer – saxophone, bass clarinet

Louis Toesca – trumpet

François Cahen – acoustic & electric pianos

Francis Moze – bass

Christian Vander – vocals, drums, percussion

1001° Centigrades is the 2nd album by progressive rock band Magma. It was originally released in 1971 under the title Magma 2. A 1973 reissue changed to title to 1001 Degrees Centigrades and changed the album cover from the Magma logo on a silver background to a color illustration of a twisting road with erupting volcano background. The 1990 CD reissue restores the original cover design and compromises with both titles.

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