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Men at Work - Two Hearts (1985)

Men at Work - Two Hearts (1985)

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Men at Work - Two Hearts

1. "Man with Two Hearts"   3:56

2. "Giving Up"   3:27

3. "Everything I Need"   3:35

4. "Sail to You"   3:25

5. "Children on Parade"   3:37

6. "Maria"   4:34

7. "Stay at Home"   3:07

8. "Hard Luck Story"   3:43

9. "Snakes and Ladders"   3:17

10. "Still Life"   3:53


Men at Work Band Members / Musicians

Greg Ham - keyboards; saxophone; drum programming on "Giving Up", "Snakes and Ladders", and "Still Life"; lead vocals on "Giving Up", "Stay at Home", and "Still Life"; backing vocals on "Everything I Need"

Colin Hay - acoustic guitar; electric guitar (except on "Sail to You", "Hard Luck Story", and "Still Life"); drum programming (except on "Snakes and Ladders" and "Still Life"); lead vocals (except on "Giving Up", "Stay at Home", and "Still Life"); backing vocals; additional keyboards and marimba on "Man With Two Hearts"; electric sitar on "Maria"; bass and piano on "Hard Luck Story"; drums on "Everything I Need" and "Hard Luck Story"

Ron Strykert - electric and steel guitars (except on "Everything I Need" and "Snakes and Ladders"); acoustic guitar on "Maria"; bass on "Man With Two Hearts"

Jeremy Alsop - bass (except on "Man With Two Hearts", "Everything I Need", and "Hard Luck Story")

James Black - guitar on "Snakes and Ladders"

George Butrumlis - piano accordion on "Maria"

Kate Ceberano - backing vocals on "Giving Up" and "Stay at Home"

Phil Colson - slide guitar on "Everything I Need"

Paul Gadsby - bass on "Everything I Need"

Renée Geyer - lead vocal on "Maria"

J.J. Hacket - drums and percussion on "Maria"

Mark Kennedy - percussion; drums on "Man With Two Hearts", "Giving Up", "Sail to You", and "Stay at Home"

Two Hearts is the 3rd studio album by Australian rock group Men at Work, released on April 23, 1985. Drummer Jerry Speiser and bassist John Rees had left the band prior to the album's production, while guitarist Ron Strykert left the band during recording sessions. Touring behind the album saw sole remaining members Colin Hay and Greg Ham joined by guest musicians.

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