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Renaissance - Camera Camera (1981)

Renaissance - Camera Camera (1981)

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Renaissance - Camera Camera

Side one
1. "Camera Camera"   6:01
2. "Faeries (Living at the Bottom of the Garden)"   3:45
3. "Remember"   4:33
4. "Bonjour Swansong" (not included in the British 1981 release)   3:32
5. "Tyrant-Tula"   5:58

Side two
6. "Okichi-San"   6:00
7. "Jigsaw"   5:00
8. "Running Away from You"   3:35
9. "Ukraine Ways"   6:37

Renaissance Band Members / Musicians
Annie Haslam - lead and backing vocals
Michael Dunford - guitars, backing vocals
Peter Gosling - keyboards, backing vocals
Jon Camp - bass, backing vocals, guitars
Peter Barron - drums, backing vocals, percussion

Camera Camera is the 10th studio album by the English progressive rock band Renaissance, released in 1981.

After losing two of their five members and being dropped from their label, Renaissance signed on to Miles Copeland's I.R.S. Records. The departed members were replaced by keyboardist/singer Peter Gosling and drummer Peter Barron. Between the previous Renaissance album and Camera Camera, Annie Haslam and Michael Dunford had worked with Gosling as a trio called Nevada, releasing two singles and recording several demos. Nevada's somewhat new wave sound strongly influenced Camera Camera. One of the Camera Camera songs, "Faeries", had previously been recorded (but not released) by Nevada.

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