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Renaissance - Renaissance (1969)

Renaissance - Renaissance (1969)

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Renaissance - Renaissance

Side one

1. "Kings and Queens"   10:56

2. "Innocence"   7:07

Side two

3. "Island"   5:58

4. "Wanderer"   4:02

5. "Bullet"   11:21


Renaissance Band Members / Musicians

Jane Relf - lead vocals (3,4,6,7), backing vocals, percussion

Keith Relf - guitar, harmonica, lead vocals (1,2,5), backing vocals

John Hawken - piano, harpsichord

Louis Cennamo - bass

Jim McCarty - drums, pecussion, backing vocals, brief 2nd lead vocal (2)

Renaissance is the self-titled debut album by the English progressive rock band Renaissance, released in late 1969.

Renaissance are an American, formerly English progressive rock band, best known for their 1978 UK top 10 hit "Northern Lights" and progressive rock classics like "Carpet of the Sun", "Mother Russia", and "Ashes Are Burning". They developed a unique sound, combining a female lead vocal with a fusion of classical, folk, rock, and jazz influences. Characteristic elements of the Renaissance sound are Annie Haslam's wide vocal range, prominent piano accompaniment, orchestral arrangements, vocal harmonies, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, synthesiser, and versatile drum work. The band created a significant following in the northeast United States in the 1970s, and that region remains their strongest fan base.

Renaissance Band Members / Musicians

Annie Haslam – vocals, percussion (1971–1987, 1998–2002, 2009–present)

Mark Lambert – guitar, backing vocals (2015–present); bass (1985–1987)

Rave Tesar – keyboards, piano (2001–2002, 2009–present)

Geoffrey Langley – keyboards, backing vocals (2016–present)

John Arbo – bass, backing vocals (2018–present)

Frank Pagano – drums, percussion, backing vocals (2009–2017, 2018–present)

Renaissance Discography Full

1969 Renaissance

1971 Illusion

1972 Prologue

1973 Ashes Are Burning

1974 Turn of the Cards

1975 Scheherazade and Other Stories

1977 Novella

1978 A Song for All Seasons

1979 Azure d'Or

1981 Camera Camera

1983 Time-Line

2001 Tuscany

2013 Grandine il vento

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