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Skambankt - Horisonten brenner (2018)

Skambankt - Horisonten brenner (2018)

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Skambankt - Horisonten brenner

"I dette huset" ("In This House")

"Når imperiet faller" ("When the Empire Falls")

"Protest dommer" ("Objection Your Honor")

"Fremmed i en fremmed verden" ("Stranger in a Strange World")

"Horisonten brenner" ("The Horizon Is Burning")

"Kommer snart hjem" ("Coming Home Soon")

"Levende legende" ("Living legend")

"Stein for stein" ("Stone by Stone")

"Gribben" ("The Vulture")

Horisonten brenner is the 6th studio album by Norwegian hard rock band Skambankt. It was recorded over the course of several years at Bore Gardsrockeri. Janove Ottesen from Kaizers Orchestra was involved as producer.

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