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Suzanne Vega - Days of Open Hand (1990)

Suzanne Vega - Days of Open Hand (1990)

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Suzanne Vega - Days of Open Hand
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1. "Tired of Sleeping"   4:22
2. "Men in a War"   4:47
3. "Rusted Pipe"   4:16
4. "Book of Dreams"   3:22
5. "Institution Green"   6:15
6. "Those Whole Girls (Run in Grace)"   3:09
7. "Room off the Street"   3:00
8. "Big Space"   3:46
9. "Predictions"   4:59
10. "Fifty-Fifty Chance"   2:36
11. "Pilgrimage"   5:10

Suzanne Vega Band Members / Musicians
Suzanne Vega – vocals, guitar, keyboards
Anton Sanko – guitar, keyboards, tiple, programming
Shawn Colvin – background vocals
Marc Shulman – E-bow, electric guitar, tiple
Michael Visceglia – five-string bass, fretless bass
Erik Sanko – fretless bass
Percy Jones – fretless bass
John Linnell – accordion
Richard Horowitz – ney
Hearn Gadbois – dumbek
Michael Blair – drums, marimba, percussion
Glen Velez – drums
Frank Vilardi – drums, percussion
Philip Glass – string arrangements

Bob Ludwig – mastering
Hugh Padgham – mixing
Pat McCarthy – engineer
Pat Dillett – assistant engineer
Geoff Keehn – engineer
Jeff Lippay – assistant engineer
Jon Goldberger – assistant engineer
Kurt Munkasci – string engineer

Days of Open Hand is the 3rd studio album by American singer-songwriter Suzanne Vega, released in April 1990 by A&M Records. Anton Sanko and Vega produced the album. It won the Grammy Award for Best Recording Package in 1991.

By her third album, Days of Open Hand, released in 1990, she felt trapped by industry expectation.

“We worked for a whole year on that album. In the end I wasn’t really happy with it and there was this palpable sense of disappointment that we’d only sold a million copies. Now that seems really ridiculous. It felt like a crime that we didn’t sell three million!”.

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