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The Godz - The Godz (1978)

The Godz - The Godz (1978)

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The Godz - The Godz

"Go Away" – 4:29 (Eric Moore)

"Baby I Love You" – 4:17 (Eric Moore)

"Guaranteed" – 3:33 (Glen Cataline)

"Gotta Keep a Running" – 7:27 (Eric Moore)

"Under the Table" – 3:43 (Mark Chatfield)

"Cross Country" – 7:03 (Mark Chatfield/Glen Cataline)

"Candy's Going Bad" - 10:38 (George Kooymans/Barry Hay)

The Godz Band Members / Musicians

Bob Hill - guitar, keyboard, vocals

Mark Chatfield – guitar, vocals

Eric Moore – bass, vocals

Glen Cataline – drums, vocals

Producer: Don Brewer

Engineer: Mark Stebbeds

The Godz is the self-titled debut album by American hard rock band The Godz (from Columbus, Ohio), released in 1978. It contains their most notable radio hit, "Gotta Keep a Running".

The album was reissued and remastered on CD by UK-based company Rock Candy Records.

The Godz are an American hard rock band from Columbus, Ohio, United States, that formed in 1976.

Formed in 1976, the band conceived their moniker only to later learn of a band from New York City already known as the Godz. A monetary settlement allowed them to keep their name. The Godz did not have a recording contract when they hit the road with Kiss alongside Cheap Trick in 1977. The band released its debut album, The Godz, the next year on Millennium Records. In addition to being on the Kiss Love Gun tour, they played on what was billed as the "Heaven and Hell Tour" by embarking on the road with Angel. "Godz are macho, mean biker boys," wrote Sylvie Simmons in 1978. "Their songs are about dope and bikes and rock and sex. They're loud, brash, crude, but a bloody good rock band."

The Godz Band Members / Musicians

Eric Moore - (original member) – lead vocals, bass guitar, May 7, 1952 — May 17, 2019

Mark Chatfield - lead guitar, vocals

Bob Hill - vocals, guitar

Glen Cataline - vocals, drums

Matt Mees - vocals,drums

Mark Carlisle - vocals, guitar, bass guitar

Jeff Boggs - guitar

Bruce Collins - harmonica

Terry Evans - drums

Ronnie Hughes - guitar

Freddie Salem - guitar

Scott A. Martin - guitar

The Godz Discography Full

The Godz [1978]

"Under the Table" [1978] (Non-album single release)

Nothing is Sacred [1979]

Vinyl Ecstasy [1981] (Columbus, Ohio radio station WLVQ-FM96 compilation album featuring the Eric Moore single "I Won't Be Lonely Tonight")

I'll Get You Rockin' [1985]

Mongolians [1987]

Greatest Hits Live [1995]

Power Rock from USA [1997] (Compilation album consisting of the entire first album, plus eight of the ten songs from Nothing Is Sacred. "I Don't Wanna Go Home" is not listed on the CD but plays as the hidden 15th track)

Eric Moore and The Godz: 25 Moore Years [2003] (2-CD Compilation)

Last of the Outlaws [2012]

Wasted: Live '93 Bootleg [2013] (Officially released bootleg recording from a 1993 concert)

Last Rites [2014]

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