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The Jesus and Mary Chain - Munki (1998)

The Jesus and Mary Chain - Munki (1998)

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The Jesus and Mary Chain - Munki

Disc one – Side A
"I Love Rock 'n' Roll" (Jim Reid) – 2:37
"Birthday" (William Reid) – 3:57
"Stardust Remedy" (J. Reid) – 2:26
"Fizzy" (W. Reid) – 3:39

Disc one – Side B
"Moe Tucker" (J. Reid) – 3:19
"Perfume" (W. Reid) – 4:39
"Virtually Unreal" (J. Reid) – 3:38
"Degenerate" (W. Reid) – 5:29

Disc two – Side A
"Cracking Up" (W. Reid) – 4:40
"Commercial" (W. Reid) – 7:02
"Supertramp" (J. Reid) – 3:37
"Never Understood" (W. Reid) – 4:14

Disc two – Side B
"I Can't Find the Time for Times" (W. Reid) – 4:17
"Man on the Moon" (J. Reid) – 3:41
"Black" (W. Reid) – 5:18
"Dream Lover" (J. Reid) – 3:05
"I Hate Rock 'n' Roll" (W. Reid) – 3:42

The Jesus and Mary Chains Band Members / Musicians
Jim Reid – vocals, guitar, production
William Reid – vocals, guitar, production
Ben Lurie – guitar, bass
Nick Sanderson – drums
Sister Vanilla – vocals
Sean Lebon – vocals
Hope Sandoval – vocals
Terry Edwards – horns
Dick Meaney – mixing
Alan Moulder – mixing
Nick Addison – additional mixing

Munki is the 6th studio album released by The Jesus and Mary Chain. After leaving Blanco y Negro, the Reid brothers signed to Sub Pop in the U.S. and Creation, who had released their debut single "Upside Down" in 1984, in the UK. The origin of the album title, according to Ben Lurie in an interview with Spin magazine, was that they "wanted an un-Mary Chain-like title...It doesn't mean anything. It's just a word. Misspelled on purpose." In an interview with The Herald, Jim said that their sister Linda suggested it. This was the band's final studio album before their 8-year breakup from October 1999 to June 2007.

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