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Billy Squier - Don't Say No (1981)

Billy Squier - Don't Say No (1981)

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Billy Squier - Don't Say No

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1. "In the Dark"   4:09

2. "The Stroke"   3:38

3. "My Kinda Lover"   3:32

4. "You Know What I Like"   2:56

5. "Too Daze Gone"   4:05

6. "Lonely Is the Night"   4:42

7. "Whadda You Want from Me"   3:43

8. "Nobody Knows" (dedicated to John Lennon)   4:20

9. "I Need You"   3:52

10. "Don't Say No"   3:20

Total length:   38:11


Billy Squier Band Members / Musicians

Billy Squier – lead vocals, rhythm guitar, percussion, piano

Cary Sharaf – lead guitar

Alan St. Jon – keyboards

Mark Clarke – bass guitar, backing vocals

Bobby Chouinard – "more" drums

Don't Say No is the 2nd studio album by Billy Squier, released on April 13, 1981. It stands as Squier's biggest career album, including the hits "Lonely Is the Night", "In the Dark", "My Kinda Lover" and "The Stroke". The album hit the Top Five on the Billboard album chart and remained on the chart for over two years (111 weeks).

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