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James Brown - I'm Real (1988)

James Brown - I'm Real (1988)

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James Brown - I'm Real

1. "Tribute (Full Force)"   0:22

2. "I'm Real"   5:33

3. "Static (Part 1 & 2)"   4:51

4. "Time To Get Busy"   5:15

5. "You And Me"   4:36

6. "Interview"   0:46

7. "She Looks All Types A' Good"   5:22

8. "Keep Keepin'"   5:28

9. "Can't Git Enuf"   4:43

10. "It's Your Money $"   5:35

11. "Godfather Runnin' the Joint (Full Force)"   2:31

James Brown Band Members / Musicians

James Brown - lead vocals

Full Force (B-Fine (drums), Shy Shy (bass), Paul Anthony (vocals), Bowlegged Lou (vocals), 'Curt-T-T' Bedeau (guitar), Baby Gerry (keyboards)).- music, arrangements, backing vocals

Baby Gerry (Gerard Charles) - scratches

Maceo Parker - saxophone on "You and Me", "She Looks All Types A' Good" and "Keep Keepin'"

I'm Real is the 54th studio album by American musician James Brown. The album was released in 1988 on Scotti Bros. Records. All of the tracks were produced, written and arranged by Full Force, with the exception of "I'm Real" (co-written by Full Force and Brown) and "It's Your Money $" (written and produced solely by Brown).

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