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Kayak - Close to the Fire (2000)

Kayak - Close to the Fire (2000)

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Kayak - Close to the Fire

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"Close To the Fire" (Scherpenzeel/Linders) - 8:11

"When Hearts Grow Cold" (Scherpenzeel/Linders) - 3:08

"Dream Child" (Scherpenzeel/Linders) - 3:30

"Frozen Flame" (Scherpenzeel/Linders) - 6:34

"Forever" - 4:48 (Koopman)

"Worlds Apart" (Scherpenzeel/Linders) - 5:12

"Crusader" (Scherpenzeel/Linders) - 4:39

"Two Wrongs (Don't Make A Right)" (Scherpenzeel/Linders) - 3:35

"Anybody's Child" - 5:01 (Koopman)

"Here Today" (Scherpenzeel/Linders) - 3:34

"Just A Matter Of Time" - 3:34 (Koopman)

"Full Circle" (Scherpenzeel/Linders) - 5:55

"Ruthless Queen (new version)" (Scherpenzeel/Linders) - 5:00

Kayak Band Members / Musicians

Ton Scherpenzeel - keyboards, backing vocals, accordion

Pim Koopman - drums, backing vocals

Max Werner - lead and backing vocals, percussion

Bert Veldkamp - bass guitar

Rob Winter - guitars, backing vocals 

Andrew Latimer - guitar on "Full Circle"

Syb van der Ploeg - lead vocal on "Ruthless Queen"

Sytze Broersma - backing vocals on "Ruthless Queen"

Peter van der Ploeg - acoustic guitar on "Ruthless Queen"

Annet Visser - flute, recorder

Femmes Vattaal - percussion

Lorre Trytten - violin on "Full Circle"

Arthur Polini - additional vocals (miscredited as "Arthur van Pol")

Holger Schwedt - additional percussion

Close to the Fire is the 9th studio album by Dutch progressive rock band Kayak, released in 2000. It was a comeback album, the first since their split in 1982. The line-up was almost the same as the one that recorded the album Royal Bed Bouncer in 1975. Only guitarist Johan Slager was not involved. He was replaced by Rob Winter.

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