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Kayak - Coming Up for Air (2008)

Kayak - Coming Up for Air (2008)

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Kayak - Coming Up for Air

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"Alienation" (Scherpenzeel/Linders)- 3:55

"Man In The Cocoon" (Koopman/Oudshoorn)- 2:53

"Time Stand Still" (Scherpenzeel/Linders)- 3:21

"Freezing" (Scherpenzeel/Linders)- 3:50

"Medea" (Scherpenzeel/Linders)- 3:47

"Daughter Of The Moon" (Koopman)- 3:41

"Undecided" (Scherpenzeel/Linders)- 4:09

"Sad State Of Affairs" (Koopman)- 4:23

"About You Without You" (Koopman)- 3:16

"The Mask And The Mirror" (Scherpenzeel/Linders)- 4:45

"Selfmade Castle" (Koopman/Oudshoorn)- 3:33

"What I'm About To Say" (Scherpenzeel/Linders)- 4:24

"Wonderful Day" (Scherpenzeel/Linders)- 3:44

"Broken White" (Scherpenzeel/Linders)- 4:25

"Coming Up For Air" (Scherpenzeel/Linders)- 6:12

Kayak Band Members / Musicians

Ton Scherpenzeel - keyboards, vocals

Pim Koopman - drums, keyboards, vocals, guitars

Edward Reekers - lead and backing vocals

Cindy Oudshoorn - lead and backing vocals

Jan van Olffen - bass, vocals

Rob Vunderink - guitars, lead and backing vocals

Joost Vergoossen - guitars

Judith Groen - cello on "Freezing"

Coming Up For Air is the 13th studio album by Dutch progressive rock band Kayak. It was released in 2008. The song "Undecided" was a single in The Netherlands, featuring the non-albumtrack "Beat The Clock".

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