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Kayak - Kayak II (1974)

Kayak - Kayak II (1974)

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Kayak - Kayak II

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"Alibi" (Scherpenzeel) - 3:39

"Wintertime" (Van Leeuwen/Koopman) - 2:51

"Mountain Too Rough" (Scherpenzeel) - 3:57

"They Get To Know Me" (Van Leeuwen/Koopman) - 9:18

"Serenades" (Koopman/Scherpenzeel) - 3:33

"Woe And Alas" (Scherpenzeel) - 3:01

"Mireille" (Instr.) (Koopman) - 2:13

"Trust In The Machine" (Van Leeuwen/Koopman) - 6:06

"His Master's Noise" (Koopman/Scherpenzeel/Van Leeuwen) - 1:45

Kayak Band Members / Musicians

Max Werner - lead vocals (all but 9), percussion, Mellotron

Johan Slager - guitars, backing vocals

Ton Scherpenzeel - grand, electric and French pianos, backing vocals, synthesizer, organ, harpsichord, accordion

Cees van Leeuwen - bass, harmonica

Pim Koopman - drums, backing and lead (9) vocals, percussion, marimba

Kayak II is the 2nd album by the Dutch progressive rock band Kayak. It was originally released in 1974 and reissued with a bonus track in 1995.

At first, the title was to be "His Master's Noise". But the band expected problems with the record label "His Master's Voice" (HMV), and so they chose simply for "Kayak". The album is also known as "Kayak II" and "Alibi" (after its first track).

The song "Wintertime" was the only single release from this album. "Serenades" was the b-side for the single "We Are Not Amused".

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