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Kayak - The Last Encore (1976)

Kayak - The Last Encore (1976)

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Kayak - The Last Encore

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"Back To The Front" (Scherpenzeel/Slager) - 4:30

"Nothingness" (Scherpenzeel) - 3:56

"Love Of A Victim" (Koopman) - 2:49

"Land On The Water" (Koopman) - 2:27

"The Last Encore" (Scherpenzeel) - 3:59

"Do You Care" (Koopman) - 2:48

"Still My Heart Cries For You" (Koopman) - 4:32

"Relics From A Distant Age" (Scherpenzeel) - 4:54

"Love Me Tonight / Get On Board" (Scherpenzeel) - 2:40

"Evocation" (Koopman) - 3:49

"Raid Your Own House" (Scherpenzeel) - 3:35

"Well Done" (Koopman) - 0:53

Kayak Band Members / Musicians

Max Werner - lead (all but 12) vocals, percussion, Mellotron

Johan Slager - guitars, backing vocals

Ton Scherpenzeel - keyboards, backing vocals, accordion, double bass

Bert Veldkamp - bass, backing vocals, double bass, saxophone, zither

Pim Koopman - drums, backing and lead (12) vocals percussion, marimba, piano

The Last Encore is the 4th album by the Dutch progressive rock band Kayak. It was originally released in 1976 and issued on CD in 1995, with a re-release in 2002.

The songs "Still My Heart Cries For You" and "Do You Care" were released as singles in The Netherlands but neither charted in the Top 40. After this album, drummer and founder member Pim Koopman left the band to become a record producer. He returned to Kayak in 1999.

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