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Kayak - Phantom of the Night (1978)

Kayak - Phantom of the Night (1978)

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Kayak - Phantom of the Night

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Side 1

"Keep the Change" – 3:38 (T. Scherpenzeel)

"Winning Ways" – 3:35 (I. Linders/T. Scherpenzeel)

"Daphne (Laurel Tree)" – 5:06 (I. Linders/T. Scherpenzeel)

"Journey Through Time" – 3:24 (I. Linders/T. Scherpenzeel)

"Phantom of the Night" – 5:02 (I. Linders/T. Scherpenzeel)

Side 2

"Crime of Passion" – 3:30 (I. Linders/T. Scherpenzeel)

"The Poet and the One Man Band" – 4:10 (T. Scherpenzeel)

"Ruthless Queen" – 4:47 (I. Linders/T. Scherpenzeel)

"No Man's Land" – 4:00 (T. Scherpenzeel)

"First Signs of Spring" – 3:39 (T. Scherpenzeel)

Kayak Band Members / Musicians

Edward Reekers – lead vocals

Johan Slager – guitars

Ton Scherpenzeel – keyboards

Peter Scherpenzeel – bass guitar

Max Werner – drums, percussion, backing vocals

Katherine Lapthorn – backing vocals

Irene Linders – backing vocals

Phantom of the Night is the 6th studio album by Dutch Progressive rock band Kayak. "Ruthless Queen" was released as a single, becoming the band's biggest hit, nearing the top of the charts in the Netherlands.

In the United States, the LP (with a different sleeve design) was also released as a picture disc, in a limited edition of 3,000 copies.

The album was Kayak's biggest commercial success, but it was only in August 2010 that it was released on CD in its own right. Until that date, the album was only available as part of a box with 2 other Kayak albums.

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