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Masterplan - Aeronautics (2005)

Masterplan - Aeronautics (2005)

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Masterplan - Aeronautics

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1. "Crimson Rider"   3:59

2. "Back for My Life"   4:12

3. "Wounds"   4:01

4. "I'm Not Afraid"   5:30

5. "Headbanger's Ballroom"   4:55

6. "After This War" (M&L: Masterplan / Piet Sielck)   3:50

7. "Into the Arena"   4:11

8. "Dark from the Dying"   4:09

9. "Falling Sparrow"   5:33

10. "Black in the Burn"   9:42

Masterplan Band Members / Musicians

Jørn Lande – vocals

Roland Grapow – guitar

Jan S. Eckert – bass

Axel Mackenrott – keyboards

Uli Kusch – drums

Aeronautics is the 2nd album by the German power metal band Masterplan. It's the first album to feature playing and songwriting by members Axel Mackenrott (keyboards) and Iron Savior bassist Jan S. Eckert, who both joined the band shortly after the recordings of the debut album.

The song After This War is a re-written version of Iron Savior song After The War, which is on the album Dark Assault and was written by Jan S. Eckert and Piet Sielck.

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