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Nina Hagen Band - Nina Hagen Band (1978)

Nina Hagen Band - Nina Hagen Band (1978)

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Nina Hagen Band - Nina Hagen Band

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1. "TV-Glotzer (White Punks on Dope)"   5:15

2. "Rangehn"   3:27

3. "Unbeschreiblich weiblich"   3:30

4. "Auf'm Bahnhof Zoo"   5:25

5. "Naturträne"   4:05

6. "Superboy"   4:01

7. "Heiss"   4:11

8. "Fisch im Wasser"   0:51

9. "Auf'm Friedhof"   6:15

10. "Der Spinner"   3:15

11. "Pank"   1:45

Total length:   42:00

Nina Hagen Band Members / Musicians

Nina Hagen Band

Nina Hagen – vocals

Reinhold Heil – keyboards

Herwig Mitteregger – drums, vibraphone

Bernhard Potschka – guitar, vocals

Manfred Praeker – bass, vocals

Nina Hagen Band is the debut studio album by Nina Hagen Band. It was released on February 11, 1978 by CBS Records. It was the first release by German singer Nina Hagen after her 1976 expatriation from East Germany. When she arrived in Hamburg, her stepfather and singer-songwriter Wolf Biermann got her in touch with CBS. Hagen traveled to London where she was introduced to music genres such as punk and reggae, and befriended other artists including Ari Up of the band The Slits. After she returned to Germany, she met with musicians Herwig Mitteregger, Bernhard Potschka and Manfred Praeker. Joined by Reinhold Heil, they formed the Nina Hagen Band and in November 1977 signed a record deal with CBS. Nina Hagen Band was produced by the band with additional production by Tom Müller and Ralf Nowy. Most of the songs had been already written by Hagen in East Germany.

Catharina "Nina" Hagen (German: [ˈniːna ˈhaːɡn̩] (About this soundlisten); born 11 March 1955) is a German singer, songwriter, and actress. She is known for her theatrical vocals and rose to prominence during the punk and new wave movements in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Born in the former East Berlin, German Democratic Republic, Hagen began her career as an actress when she appeared in several German films alongside her mother Eva-Maria Hagen. Around that same time, she joined the band Automobil and released the single "Du hast den Farbfilm vergessen". After her stepfather Wolf Biermann's East German citizenship was withdrawn in 1976, Hagen followed him to Hamburg. Shortly afterwards, she was offered a record deal from CBS Records and formed the Nina Hagen Band. Their self-titled debut album was released in 1978 to critical acclaim and was a commercial success selling over 250,000 copies. The band released one more album, Unbehagen, before their break-up in 1979.

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