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Steven Wilson - The Future Bites (2021)

Steven Wilson - The Future Bites (2021)

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Steven Wilson - The Future Bites

1. "Unself"   1:05

2. "Self"   2:55

3. "King Ghost"   4:06

4. "12 Things I Forgot"   4:42

5. "Eminent Sleaze"   3:52

6. "Man of the People"   4:41

7. "Personal Shopper"   9:49

8. "Follower"   4:39

9. "Count of Unease"   6:08

Total length:   41:59

Steven Wilson Band Members / Musicians

Steven Wilson – vocals, guitars, keyboards, sampler, bass, percussion, programming

David Kosten - programming, synthesizers, drums on "Count of Unease"

Michael Spearman – drums, percussion

Nick Beggs – bass guitar on "Personal Shopper", stick on "Eminent Sleaze"

Adam Holzman – keyboards on "Eminent Sleaze" and "Follower"

Richard Barbieri – synthesizers on "Self"

Jason Cooper - cymbals and percussion on "King Ghost"

Blaine Harrison, Jack Flanagan - backing vocals on "12 Things I Forgot"

Elton John – spoken word on "Personal Shopper"

Bobbie Gordon, Crystal Williams, Wendy Harriott, Fyfe Dangerfield, Rotem Wilson – background vocals

The London Session Orchestra on "Eminent Sleaze"

The Future Bites (stylised as THE FUTURE BITES™) is the 6th studio album by British musician Steven Wilson. The album was initially set for release on 12 June 2020 through Caroline International, but later was pushed back to 29 January 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which affected the marketing and production related to the album. It was co-produced by Wilson and David Kosten and recorded in London.

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