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Stiff Little Fingers - Hanx! (1980)

Stiff Little Fingers - Hanx! (1980)

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Stiff Little Fingers - Hanx!

"Nobody's Hero" (Jake Burns, Gordon Ogilvie) – 4:03

"Gotta Gettaway" (Fingers, Ogilvie) – 2:23

"Wait and See" (Burns, Ogilvie) – 4:19

"Barbed Wire Love" (Fingers, Ogilvie) – 3:25

"Fly the Flag" (Fingers, Ogilvie) – 3:28

"Alternative Ulster" (Fingers, Ogilvie) – 3:01

"Johnny Was" (Bob Marley) – 10:09

"At the Edge" (Fingers) – 2:38

"Wasted Life" (Burns) – 3:28

"Tin Soldiers" (Fingers, Ogilvie) – 5:02

"Suspect Device" (Fingers, Ogilvie) – 2:17

Stiff Little Fingers Band Members / Musicians

Jake Burns – vocals/guitar

Jim Reilly – drums

Henry Cluney – guitar

Ali McMordie – bass

Hanx! is a live punk album by the band Stiff Little Fingers, released in 1980. Originally intended for the American market, in order to introduce the band before they toured there, it was subsequently released at a budget price in the UK, for the band were concerned that a lot of their fans would insist on buying the album on import anyway for a higher price. Jake Burns remarks on the sleeve notes for the CD reissue that only "Johnny Was" came from the Rainbow Theatre show, with the remainder recorded at the Aylesbury gig.

The title "Hanx!" is a phonetic representation of Burns' delivery of "Thanks" after most numbers.

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