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The Rasmus - Hell of a Tester (1998)

The Rasmus - Hell of a Tester (1998)

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The Rasmus - Hell of a Tester

"Every Day" – 3:17

"Dirty Moose" – 3:27

"Swimming with the Kids" – 3:30

"Man in the Street" – 3:32

"Tonight Tonight" – 1:54

"City of the Dead" – 3:23

"Liquid" – 4:18

"Pa-Pa" – 2:18

"Vibe" – 2:48

"Help Me Sing" – 3:26

"Tempo" – 4:49

The Rasmus Band Members / Musicians

Lauri Ylönen: vocals

Pauli Rantasalmi: Guitar

Eero Heinonen: Bass

Janne Heiskanen: drums

Saxophone by Aleksi Ahoniemi

Trumpet by Jukka Tiirikainen

Trombone by Matti Lappalainen

Saxophone on Dirty Moose, Man in the Street and Vibe by Timo Lavanko and Ilkka Hämäläinen

Saxophone on Tempo by Ilkka Hämäläinen

Cellos on Every Day by Tuukka Helminen

Timpani on Every Day by Mikko Pietinen

Organ on Dirty Moose and Help Me Sing by Pate Kivinen

Panda 49 on Swimming with the Kids and keyboards on Man in the Street and Tempo by Henri Sorvali

Strings for Liquid arranged and conducted by Riku Niemi

Hell of a Tester (sometimes written Hellofatester) is the 3rd studio album by The Rasmus, then called Rasmus. It was released in 1998 by Warner Music and received Gold status in Finland. The most popular single was Liquid, which was released in September, getting into the Top 40 on MTV Nordic. It was voted Single of the Year for 1998 by music critics and fans and the video won an award in 1999 at the Finnish Music Video Awards.

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