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The Tubes - The Completion Backward Principle (1981)

The Tubes - The Completion Backward Principle (1981)

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The Tubes - The Completion Backward Principle

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Side one

1. "Talk to Ya Later"   4:29

2. "Sushi Girl"   3:26

3. "Amnesia"   4:26

4. "Mr. Hate"   3:41

5. "Attack of the 50 Foot Woman"   4:29

Side two

1. "Think About Me"   3:16

2. "A Matter of Pride"   3:14

3. "Don't Want to Wait Anymore"   4:16

4. "Power Tools"   4:03

5. "Let's Make Some Noise"   3:42

Total length:   39:30

The Tubes Band Members / Musicians

Bill Spooner - Analysis, Guitar, Vocals

Michael Cotten - Trend, Synthesizers

Fee Waybill - Motivation, Frontman

Roger Steen - Development, Guitar, Vocals

Prairie Prince - Systems, Drums

Vince Welnick - Accounts, Keyboards, Vocals

Rick Anderson - Policy, Bass

Steve Lukather - Guitars on "Talk to Ya Later"

Stanley Paterson - Sampled vocals on "Talk to Ya Later"

Bobby Colomby - Backing vocals (uncredited)

Bill Champlin - Backing vocals (uncredited)

The Completion Backward Principle is the 5th studio album by the American rock group the Tubes. It is the group's first for Capitol Records. It was accompanied by a long form music video release of the same name, although it did not contain all of the songs from the album. It is a concept album presented as a motivational business document. The album contains two hit singles, "Don't Want to Wait Anymore" and "Talk to Ya Later."

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