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The Tubes - Genius of America (1996)

The Tubes - Genius of America (1996)

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The Tubes - Genius of America

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"Genius of America" (Cambra, Prince) - 4:00

"Arms of the Enemy" (Cambra, Waybill) - 4:29

"Say What You Want" (Cambra, Waybill) - 4:09

"How Can You Live With Yourself" (Marx, Waybill) - 5:15

"Big Brother's Still Watching" (Lukather, Marx, Waybill) - 5:31

"After All You Said" (Steen, Waybill) - 4:29

"Fishhouse" (Cambra, Prince, Steen) - 4:38

"Fastest Gun Alive" (Anderson, Cambra, Steen, Waybill) - 5:05

"I Never Saw It Comin'" (Cambra, Waybill) - 3:19

"Who Names the Hurricanes" (Cambra, Prince) - 4:50

"It's Too Late" (Steen, Waybill) - 2:52

"Around the World" (Cambra, Waybill) - 4:47

The Tubes Band Members / Musicians

Rick Anderson – bass

Gary Cambra – acoustic guitar, electric guitar, keyboards, vocals

Richard Marx – acoustic guitar, piano, strings, synthesizer bass, vocals

Jennifer McPhee – vocals

David Medd – vocals

Prairie Prince – drums, percussion, voices

Roger Steen – acoustic guitar, electric guitar, vocals

Fee Waybill – vocals

Anita Whitaker – vocals

Genius of America is the 8th and most recent studio album to date by The Tubes and marked their return to the studio for the first time since 1985's Love Bomb. The band self-produced the album and is their first body of work to include Gary Cambra. The album was released on October 15, 1996. A CD featuring re-mixed versions of the songs plus two bonus tracks was released in Europe in 1999 as Hoods from Outer Space.

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