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The Tubes - Now (1977)

The Tubes - Now (1977)

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The Tubes - Now
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"Smoke (La Vie en Fumér)" 4:50 (Bill Spooner, Michael Cotten, Vince Welnick)

"Hit Parade" 3:35 (Bill Spooner, Vince Welnick)

"Strung Out on Strings" 4:10 (Bill Spooner, Roger Steen, Michael Evans)

"Golden Boy" 4:00 (Bill Spooner, Michael Evans)

"My Head Is My Only House Unless It Rains" 4:30 (Don Van Vliet)

"God-Bird-Change" 3:18 (Mingo Lewis)

"I'm Just a Mess" 3:10 (Bill Spooner, Roger Steen)

"Cathy's Clone" 3:30 (The Tubes)

"This Town" 3:15 (Lee Hazlewood)

"Pound of Flesh" 3:00 (Ron Nagle, Scott Mathews)

"You're No Fun" 4:51 (Michael Cotten, Vince Welnick)

The Tubes Band Members / Musicians
Fee Waybill - vocals
Bill "The Swami" Spooner - guitar, vocals
Michael Cotten - synthesizer
Mingo Lewis - drums, percussion
Prairie Prince - drums
Roger Steen - guitar, vocals
Re Styles - vocals
Vince Welnick - keyboards
Rick Anderson - bass guitar
Bud Scoppa - voices
Don Van Vliet - soprano saxophone on "Cathy's Clone" (uncredited)
Harry Duncan - harmonica on "Golden Boy" (uncredited)
Roberta Burger - violin

Now is the 3rd studio album released by The Tubes. It was produced by John Anthony. Fed up with constant meddling from Bud Scoppa and Don Wood under the direction of Bill Spooner including surreptitiously remixing a track when Anthony was not at the studio, Anthony was advised to leave the project by Jerry Moss. The head of A&M A&R Kip Cohen said that they took advantage of Anthony and believed that they overran the budget to increase their union fees. Bill Spooner took over and completed the project with the help of the engineer Wood and Scoppa.

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