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The Tubes - The Tubes (1975)

The Tubes - The Tubes (1975)

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The Tubes - The Tubes
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Side One

"Up from the Deep" (The Tubes, Ray Trainer) – 4:28

"Haloes" (Al Kooper, Bill Spooner, Roger Steen) – 4:53

"Space Baby" (Bill Spooner, Mike Carpenter, Vince Welnick) – 4:25

"Malagueña Salerosa" (Pedro Galindo, Elpidio Ramirez) - 3:52

Side Two

"Mondo Bondage" (The Tubes) – 4:34

"What Do You Want from Life?" (Bill Spooner, Michael Evans) – 4:01

"Boy Crazy" (Bill Spooner) – 4:09

"White Punks on Dope" (Bill Spooner, Roger Steen, Michael Evans) – 6:49

The Tubes Band Members / Musicians
Fee Waybill – vocals
Bill Spooner – guitar, vocals
Roger Steen – guitar, vocals
Michael Cotten – synthesizer
Vince Welnick – keyboards
Rick Anderson – bass
Prairie L'Emprere Prince – drums
Dominic Frontiere – string and horn arrangements

The Tubes is the debut studio album by The Tubes. Songs which received significant airplay from this album include "What Do You Want from Life?" and "White Punks on Dope", the latter of which peaked at number 28 on the UK singles chart. The album was dedicated to Bob McIntosh and Tom Donahue.

The Tubes are a San Francisco-based rock band. Their eponymous 1975 debut album included the single "White Punks on Dope," while their 1983 single "She's a Beauty" was a top-10 U.S. hit and its music video was frequently played in the early days of MTV. The band also performed in the 1980 film Xanadu, singing the rock portion of the cross-genre song "Dancin'" opposite a big band.

The Tubes Discography Full
1975 The Tubes
1976 Young and Rich
1977 Now
1979 Remote Control
1981 The Completion Backward Principle
1983 Outside Inside
1985 Love Bomb
1996 Genius of America

Live Albums
1978 What Do You Want from Live
2001 The Tubes World Tour 2001 (live)
2005 Wild in London
2006 Alive in America
2020 Live in San Francisco
2020 “The Fantastic Live Delusion

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