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Tonic - Lemon Parade Revisited (2016)

Tonic - Lemon Parade Revisited (2016)

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Tonic - Lemon Parade Revisited

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"Open up Your Eyes"

"Casual Affair" (Tonic)

"If You Could Only See"

"Soldier's Daughter"

"Lemon Parade" (Hart, Jeff Russo)



"Wicked Soldier" (Tonic)

"Mr. Golden Deal"

"Bigot Sunshine"

"Celtic Aggression" (Hart, Dan Rothchild, Russo)

"My Old Man"


Tonic Band Members / Musicians

Emerson Hart: Vocals, Guitar, Percussion

Jeff Russo: Guitar, Vocals, Percussion, Organ 

Dan Lavery: Bass, Vocals, Percussion, Keyboards

Produced by: Tonic

Engineered and Mixed by: Michael Eisenstein

Mastered by: Drunk Dragon

Mastered in: Los Angeles

Mixed by: Dan Lavery

Art Direction: Doug Nahory

Lemon Parade Revisited is the 5th studio album by American post-grunge band Tonic. The project was originally announced on March 22, 2016 as a celebration of the 20th anniversary of Tonic's first album, Lemon Parade, with recording and production immediately after the announcement. This marked the first time Tonic had utilized funding directly from fans, a trend that had become a viable production method for other musicians in prior years. Direct funding allowed the band to offer a variety of products, incentives, and experiences for those choosing to fund the album. Lemon Parade Revisited also marked the first time any Tonic album was available to purchase commercially as a vinyl record. The album was released on July 22, 2016, and the band had tour dates throughout the remainder of the year.

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