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16 Horsepower - Hoarse (2000)

16 Horsepower - Hoarse (2000)

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"American Wheeze" (4:11)

"Black Soul Choir" (4:31)

"Bad Moon Risin'" (John Fogerty) (4:10)

"Low Estate" (4:25)

"For Heaven's Sake" (4:44)

"Black Lung" (4:31)

"Horse Head" (5:07)

"South Pennsylvania Waltz" (5:45)

"Brimstone Rock" (6:47)

"Fire Spirit" (Jeffrey Lee Pierce/The Gun Club) (3:21)

"Day of The Lords" (Joy Division) (5:01)

Hoarse is a live album by the band 16 Horsepower. It was released in Europe in 2000 in digipak with Glitterhouse Records. In March 2001 it was released regularly in jewel case with Glitterhouse. An American version was released in 2001 on Checkered Past records. Another American version was finally re-released on Alternative Tentacles in 2006.

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