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Atlanta Rhythm Section - A Rock and Roll Alternative (1976)

Atlanta Rhythm Section - A Rock and Roll Alternative (1976)

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"Sky High" (Buie, Daughtry, Hammond, Nix) – 5:17

"Hitch-Hikers' Hero" (Buie, Nix) – 3:38

"Don't Miss the Message" (Buie, Cobb, Nix) – 3:27

"Georgia Rhythm" (Buie, Cobb, Nix) – 4:52

"So in to You" (Buie, Daughtry, Nix) – 4:20

"Outside Woman Blues" (Blind Joe Reynolds) – 4:53

"Everybody Gotta Go" (Buie, Daughtry, Nix) – 4:10

"Neon Nites" (Buie, Nix) – 3:57

Atlanta Rhythm Section Band Members / Musicians

Ronnie Hammond – vocals, background vocals

Barry Bailey – guitar

J.R. Cobb – rhythm guitar, background vocals

Dean Daughtry – keyboards

Paul Goddard – bass guitar

Robert Nix – percussion, drums, vocals, background vocals

A Rock and Roll Alternative is an album by the southern rock band Atlanta Rhythm Section, released in 1976. This album includes the band's biggest hit, "So in to You", which peaked at number 7 on the Billboard Hot 100 and number 11 on the Easy Listening chart.

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