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Bonfire (as Cacumen) - Cacumen (1981)

Bonfire (as Cacumen) - Cacumen (1981)

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1. "Berlin Girls"   3:49

2. "Queen of the Town"   3:18

3. "No Reason to Fight"   4:50

4. "Long Way"   3:34

5. "You Are Near"   3:12

6. "Magic Spell"   4:55

7. "Lovesong"   3:04

8. "Riding Away"   4:50

9. "On the Rocks"   4:24

Bonfire (as Cacumen) Band Members / Musicians

Claus Lessmann – lead vocals

Hans Ziller – lead & rhythm guitar

Horst Maier – lead & rhythm guitar

Hans Hauptmann – bass

Hans Forstner – drums

Cacumen is the 1st full-length album by the heavy metal band Cacumen. It was released in 1981 on the independent label Rockport Records. The album came out after their single, Riding Away, was released two years prior and features a new version of that song. Cacumen would rename themselves Bonfire in 1986. In 2002/2003, Claus Lessmann and Hans Ziller purchased the rights to the Cacumen material and re-release the collection under the Bonfire name individually as well as a box set called The Early Days.

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